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    Major Contracts

    Your high-yield contracts

    Your high-yield contracts

    These contracts will be the foundation of your company’s growth.
    They enable you to:

    • Win a first contract with a client offering significant development potential
    • Establish a first reference in a market
    • Launch a new offer or a new product
    • Develop a service offering – even though your company usually deals in products
    • Win a very large contract that may require setting up a specific organization
    We propose to structure your process around the following core concepts:
    Anticipate & Prepare
    Anticipate Upstream of the project
    • Identify relevant targets (prospect pipeline management)
    • Determine strategic positioning
    • Set up sales activities before and during the sales process
    Determine the Project’s Unique Positioning
    • Analyze tender/contract
    • Establish a SWOT for the offer
    • Provide the relevant messaging
    Identify the Partners, & Build the Offer Together
    • Identify and recruit partner
    • Ensure the development and monitoring of the relationship
    Organize all Company Entities, to Optimize the Project Outcome
    Ensure all required internal resources are available and coordinated to cooperate successfully :
    • Sales
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Legal
    • HR
    • Engineering
    Know when to Negotiate and when to Close
    • Prepare & Anticipate: different scenarios, trade-offs,…
    • Know when and how to close the deal

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